Short Stay Visit Visas in the United Kingdom: An Expat’s Guide

If you would like to travel and stay in the United Kingdom for up to six months, but will not be working you should apply for and obtain a visit visa for the United Kingdom, which is a short stay temporary visa. The visit visa allows for stays in the United Kingdom for a period no greater than six months. If you are coming to the United Kingdom on a business trip or for medical treatment, this is the visa that you should apply for as well. While the United Kingdom does offer business visitor visas, the visit visa is typically better for business people that will only be in the United Kingdom for a short period. However, you are not allowed to enter into any type of employment while in the country and can only attend meetings or auditing work while on the visit visa.

The British visit visa is attractive to most business people because it is a quick and easy visa to obtain and does not have quite the formalities and work permit approval process as the business visitor visa does. However, if staying more than six months, the business visitor visa is better as it offers multiple entries and a valid period of up to two years.

If you are an artist that will not be performing while in the United Kingdom, you should use this visa. Typically artists get the visit visa when in the United Kingdom to do interviews and other promotional things. This way they do not have to apply for a work permit.

In order to get a visit visa to come to the United Kingdom for medical reasons, you will have to meet certain conditions. You cannot get a visit visa for medical treatment if you have a terminal illness. And the treatment you are seeking must be private treatment. Your visit visa will be valid for six months, but can be renewed until your treatment has completed. You may also be able to get multiple entries added to your visa if you will only be entering the country for appointments.

To be eligible for the visit visa, you will need to meet certain requirements. You should be able to show that you have the means to support yourself financially. You will also need to show that you have adequate accommodations for your stay. You will also need to show proof of your intention to leave the country when the visa expires, such as a return home plane ticket. If you have family residing in the United Kingdom they may be questioned as to your intentions to return to your home country.